Car and Driver’s Audi Q7 Long-Term Reivew

We just spent a week with an Audi Q7 3.0T Quattro equipped with the Titanium Black Optics package and we felt that was one of the best all-around premium SUVs on the planet. So what does Car and Driver think after 17 months and 40,000 miles? We find out in this new review.

Long-term reviews are incredibly helpful for both journalists and customers alike. A typical press loaner for any new car is about a week long, give or take a day or two sometimes, due to scheduling terms. However, many major publications are fortunate enough to be able to borrow cars for about a year. The reason for that is it’s hard to really gauge what it’s like to own a car in just a week. We can test what it’s like to drive, in almost every situation, in a week but a year-long test shows what it’s like to own.

So these publications live with the car for a year, which allows them to test it in multiple seasons, weather conditions and even through any sort of mechanical issues. Now a brand new car won’t typically have any issues in the first year. But 90-percent of people do not put 40,000 miles on a car in a year. And I’ve always said that 10,000 journalists miles might as well be 100,000 normal miles because, well, they tend to beat cars up (not me, Audi!). So a long-term test among journos gives a good example of how a car will hold up.

Car and Driver’s Audi Q7 actually cost them a bit of money over the course of 40,000 miles. First, they had some infotainment issues, which took multiple trips to the dealer to fix. That’s inexcusable on a car that costs as much as the Q7. While that was actually fixed at no cost, as the car was obviously under warranty, the Q7’s first four trips to the dealer for routine maintenance check ups (oil and air filter changes) cost C&D $1455. That’s not an insignificant amount of money.

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They also ran into an alignment issue that ate up a set of tires, which set them back $727 to replace. After replacing the tires, they had to get another alignment from the Audi dealer, which cost $600. For an alignment…

Still, C&D claims it’s worth it, as the Audi Q7 is a truly great SUV. And we agree. It’s superb at being both supremely luxurious as well as entertaining to drive. It’s also incredibly practical, with a standard third row of seats that are power adjustable, and packs some really awesome tech, such as the always-excellent Virtual Cockpit. So it costs a bit of money to own but the Audi Q7 is worth it.

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