Car and Driver tests the Audi e-tron GT in Los Angeles

Audi e-tron GT

Yesterday, we saw a brief video from Engadget, showing off the Audi e-tron GT in motion and what it’s like to actually drive the brand’s latest electric concept. Now, Car and Driver has released their own review, as they were able to test it as well, and it gives us a bit of extra insight.

The car journalists were allowed to drive was actually the car on the display stand at the LA Auto Show. So it was very much a non-road-going concept car. Though, it’s a very production-ready concept car, it’s still not entirely road-ready. Having said that, the reasons why are minor. For instance, its suspension was extremely stiff and unbecoming of something from an Audi because it’s not designed to handle road imperfections, just to look nice and low on the auto show stand. Also, its side mirrors don’t actually move, so they aren’t adjustable. Aside from those minor things, though, it’s a pretty close to being ready for production.

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What’s interesting is that Car and Driver seems to be impressed by the Audi e-tron GT, even though their drive with it was slow (under 45 mph) and short and the car wasn’t fully production-ready. Its interior was well appointed and well made, with rich materials and slick technology. Also, despite being a concept car, all of its interior technology and functions worked. Even its three-stage regenerative braking functioned fully, with C&D even saying that its brake calibration felt pretty normal. That’s impressive on a concept car.

In the end, C&D says that when the Audi e-tron GT finally hits the road in 2020, it will be a “genuine Tesla fighter”. Considering it’s still a concept car, the fact that it left that sort of impression is a very positive sign for things to come. We can’t wait until we can get behind the wheel ourselves.

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