Why you should buy the Audi A4 with a manual

If you’re in the market for the new Audi A4, we highly suggest waiting until this Fall and buying the A4 with a six-speed manual transmission when it finally hits dealerships. If you’re one of us, and if you’re reading this site it’s likely that you are, and you love cars, then it’s a no-brainer. Buy the manual. If you’re not one of us and don’t know how to drive a manual or don’t really want to. Too bad, buy one anyway.

Here’s why.¬†Cars like the Audi A4 won’t be coming with manual transmissions for long. In fact, the new A4 want’s originally going to bring a manual option to the US. It was enthusiast-demand that brought it over here. Most car buyers, especially in America, don’t like driving three-pedal cars anymore. Because of that, automakers aren’t selling them much anymore, simply because they don’t make any money on them. So buying one puts you in a special club full of people who actually appreciate the fine art of driving. It’s like buying a future classic, you know it’s not going to be around forever.

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Don’t get this – Audi’s S-Tronic dual-clutch transmission. Great gearbox, not as fun as a manual.

Also, if more and more customers were to buy manual Audi A4s, it’s likely that Audi would continue to sell manual cars here. There are so many enthusiasts who bitch about why car companies don’t sell manuals anymore and then when they’re offered the opportunity to do so, they don’t. But if they were to, Audi might be more inclined to sell more here.

There’s also the fact that the new Audi A4 could use a bit of driver involvement. While we are big fans of the new A4, and even its S-Tronic dual-clutch automatic gearbox (which is brilliant, by the way), it can feel a bit too techy. It does so much for you, with its clever all-wheel drive, virtual cockpit and active driver assists. It almost feels like driving a laptop sometimes. While the A4 has good bones, a great engine, good steering and a fantastic chassis, it could use some driver feedback and a manual could give it that.

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So come this Fall, if you’re in the market for a new car and the Audi A4 is in your price range, go take one for a spin. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Nico DeMattia

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