BREAKING: Audi RS6 Avant Could be Revealed for US Market Today

There have been some whispers of Audi releasing a new product today, like some sort of RS Avant. The general consensus seems to be that the next-gen Audi RS6 Avant is the car that will be revealed today and that it will make it to the US market. This is due to the fact that Audi has been running a bit of a social media campaign, featuring cryptic posts about Audi RS Avants never making it to the US market. According to a source of ours at Audi, we know this to be true.

I just landed back in New Jersey, from the Monterey Car Week, in the wee ours of this morning. During my time there, I ran into someone from Audi who told me to keep my eyes and ears open for news today, that something big was going to happen. I teased that I already had a good idea of what it could be and, with a sly smirk, I was told that I didn’t know but I have a feeling that was just playful confidentiality. My gut told me it would be the Audi RS6 Avant, as the brand had already begun its US-market Avant teaser campaign at that point.


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The first generation RS 6 Avant. Was never available in America. #WeVantAvants

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Putting those two pieces together, it seems almost certain that the Audi RS6 Avant will be revealed today and that it will be announced to be coming to the US market for the first time. If so, that’s incredibly exciting news and we’re waiting with baited breath for the official reveal for the first-ever RS6 Avant in America.

Admittedly, the Audi RS6 has been sold here previously, with the C5-generation. However, it was only offered as a sedan in America, which was a bit of an oddball when it debuted. This will be the first long-roof RS6 to be sold ‘Stateside and there’s a lot of pressure that comes with that.

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American customers typically don’t by wagons, which is why automakers don’t sell them here, despite all of our bitching and moaning about it. So if Audi is going to sell the RS6 Avant here, we need to buy it. Enthusiasts who can afford it need to put their money where their mouths are and stick RS6 Avants in their garages so that Audi keeps selling it, and cars like it, here in the ‘States. Otherwise, this Audi RS6 Avant will be a faded memory in just a few years time.

So the pressure is on, America. If this teaser is what we think it is, enthusiasts with deep enough pockets need to buy these RS6s. With over 600 hp and the ability to haul you family while you toast supercars, we don’t think it will be much of a hardship.

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