VIDEO: The Boys are Back — The Grand Tour Trailer Launches

If you frequent this site, or any other like it, it’s likely that you’ve seen at least an episode or two of Top Gear. The proper Top Gear, not Top Gear America where Tanner Faust tries to make up for the lack of any sort of decent host by doing crazy stunts. The one with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May get into the silliest shenanigans in awesome cars. Unfortunately, last year that show went away thanks to Clarkson punching a producer’s face. Now, the three hosts have left the BBC and created their own show on Amazon Prime, called The Grand Tour.

Well, the first official trailer has just dropped for The Grand Tour and it looks absolutely brilliant. They’re as funny as ever, seem to be getting into the craziest of situations and drive some incredible cars. It almost seems like it could be better than the original Top Gear because they don’t have the tight restrictions of the BBC. The trailer features tanks, crashes, witty lines and a ton of tire smoke. We can’t wait for Nov. 18.

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So to ease some of our impatience, we might watch some our favorite classic Top Gear episodes that feature Audis. I’m sure there are going to be quite a few new Audis featured in The Grand Tour, like the new Audi R8. But, until it comes out, we’ll watch this trailer over and over again for awhile.

Nico DeMattia

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