Both Audi RS3 Generations Sing Their Inline-Five Songs On Camera

While we’re patiently waiting for Audi to finally reveal the new RS3 Sportback, someone decided to revisit its two predecessors. We’re talking about the original 8P model and the 8V, with the latter in the pre-facelift specification. It’s worth mentioning that while both cars have OEM exhausts, the more recent model is equipped with the optional sports exhaust.

The two turbocharged inline-five engines sound great, but we can all agree the newer car has a far more aggressive note. Its older brother is a bit more along the lines of a smooth operator while its successor likes to show it off, especially with the beefier exhaust. The generously sized oval tips that have become the staple of flagship Audi Sport models are flashier than the more discreet setup of the OG RS3 Sportback.

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At the end of the day, it’s a matter of taste as there are no right or wrong answers. The same goes for the Rotor wheels the two cars share as while some like them, others would rather have a different OEM or aftermarket set.

Aesthetics and soundtrack aside, the video from CarSpotterQVS also shows the cars flexing their muscles under hard acceleration for a few seconds. For a car that came out nearly a decade ago, the RS3 Sportback (8P) is still properly quick thanks to its healthy output of 335 horsepower. It’s down by only 27 hp compared to the other car featured in the video. If it had been the facelifted RS3 Sportback (8V), the gap would’ve been bigger since Ingolstadt’s hot hatch was dialed to 395 hp when the mid-cycle update was launched in 2017.

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As far as the hotly anticipated third-gen RS3, it might solider on with the same amount of power considering the not-for-America RS Q3 and RS Q3 Sportback have the same 395 horses. Torque in the two high-performance SUVs stands at 480 Newton-meters (354 pound-feet), thus matching the outgoing RS3.

The wraps should come off either towards the end of the year or early 2021, but not before the warm S3 Sportback.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.