BMW & Mercedes to follow Audi in Mexico production

Audi will start Mexico production in 2016 and will be followed before the end of the decade by its German rivals Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Audi will assemble the second generation Q5 at the San Jose Chiapa factory while Daimler in collaboration with Nissan will start manufacturing Mercedes and Infiniti compact cars at a new Mexico plant starting 2017. As for BMW, they will being producing cars in the country sometime in 2019, being the last of the three luxury German marques to start assembling cars in Mexico.

Audi spokesman Javier Valadez referred to Mexico as being the “ideal country” for producing cars, motivating his answer by saying the local provides provide a high level of development and have a “distinct knowledge” of the German engineering thanks to a relationship between Volkswagen and Mexican companies for more than five decades.

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He went on to specify that Audi’s Mexico production will have an initial output of 150,000 cars but if they receive strong demand for the Q5, there is potential to boost production in order to match market necessities. BMW director of for their new San Luis Potosi plant  also said the same thing as their factory also has a 150,000-unit yearly output with the possibility for an expansion to keep up with demand.

via autonews.com

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