Biturbo, biogas A4 sets record-breaking speed

When you think of cars that set record-breaking speeds, you probably would not expect to see a premium market, 4-door sedan. However, it’s been done as a modified Audi B7 sedan has hit the speed record for biogas-fueled cars. 


The car, modified and then subsequently driven by Jürgen Hohenester, was recorded at a speed of 364 kph or 225 mph while jetting around the Papenburg circuit in Germany. The HS 650, as the modified A4 has been designated by Hoenester, is powered by a modified version of the 2.7L twin-turbo V6 that powered the B5 S4. The engine has been bored out to a round 3.0 liters and consequently equipped to run biogas fuel that can run on 120 to 140 octane fuel allowing a maximum output of 800HP.  

While maximum output is at 800HP, the engine was scaled back to about 700HP to ensure reliability and structural integrity of the engine and vehicle. The horsepower figures of this car may sound epic considering the grade of fuel number of cylinders but what’s more surprising is the car that the this modified A4 managed to beat in its class, the Bugatti Veyron. 


After posting the record for fastest biogas fueled car, the  team that developed the car is looking to win the Tuner Grand Prix at the Hockenheim Ring. We’re hoping they can pull off the overall victory – which would prove a win for both Audi as well as alternative fuel sources. 

(Source: German Car Zone)