Bentley Will Find More “Synergy” Under Audi Than Porsche

Just recently, we learned that the powers that be at the Volkswagen Group would be switching Bentley’s control over to Audi, from Porsche. The move was designed to provide a more logical partner for Bentley and the big-wigs in Crewe seem to agree with the move.


According to Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark, the switch to Audi will provide better synergy. “We will have much more synergies with Audi in five to 10 years’ time than with Porsche because Porsche is sportier and we are more on the luxury side than the performance side,” he told Automotive News.


Another big aspect of this move is for electrification. Audi is digging deeper into electrification than any other brand under the Volkswagen umbrella and will allow Bentley a clean-sheet when it comes to developing electric cars.


“With the current cars we had to get into the engineering of those architectures after they had largely been done,” Hallmark continued. “The difference now with this new electric architecture is that we are right at the beginning of the definition of what it needs to achieve.”


Audi has also proven to be a good partner for smaller ultra-premium brands. The four-ringed brand’s leadership worked wonders for Lamborghini and even Ducati, so its partnership with Bentley should also prove to be highly successful. Especially considering that the two brands can share chassis and powertrain technology more closely than Bentley and Porsche, due to their similar goals. Porsche is purely about building performance machines and nothing else and, admittedly, we love ’em for it. However, that doesn’t exactly work with Bentley’s luxury-first ethos. While Audi is well-versed in building pure luxury machines.


It will be interesting to see how the two brands work together in the future. This could be a very fruitful partnership that also ends up working both ways. Not only can Audi help Bentley in developing new luxury and electric vehicles but Bentley can help Audi to step its luxury game up.


[Source: Automotive News]
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