VIDEO: This B8 Audi Suspension Guide Will Help You DiagnoseYour Issues

Some of the more common enthusiast Audi models at the moment come from the B8 family of cars. The B8 chassis includes cars like the Audi A4, A5, S4, S5 and Q5, built between 2008-2016. Due to their relatively low cost and modern looks, B8 Audis are becoming quite popular. Yet due to their age, are starting to need some more maintenance than just your typical routine jobs. In this new video from FCP Euro will help diagnose any suspension issues you might be having.


Suspension parts are some of the most commonly replaced parts for any enthusiast. Not only are the affordable but replacing and/or upgrading your suspension can make a world of a difference to the way your car drives. If your car is feeling a bit worn, check this video out as it will likely have a solution to your problem.

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In this video, you get to learn about the different suspension components for your B8 Audi, whether it be an A4, A5, S4 or S5, and it will help you to better understand how your suspension works. After that, it will run through some of the common problems and the symptoms of those problems, so you can more easily figure out what’s wrong with your car.


This is a really helpful video for anyone that has a B8 Audi, as it will get rid of the headache that is diagnosing your car. Sometimes it can be incredible frustrating to have an issue, especially in your suspension where there are so many different parts, that you can’t figure out. It ends up costing you more money and time. This video simplifies that and tells you exactly what needs to be replaced and why.

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Once it comes time to replace parts, you can either go with direct replacement parts or performance upgrades. FCP tells you which brands are good for replacement parts and which brands to buy for upgrades.


For anyone that owns a B8 Audi of any kind, this is a must-watch video, especially for DIYers.


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