Automobile reviews the 2017 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro


Audi recently launched a new ad campaign for its new A4 sedan in America. Basically, the campaign is aiming at young Americans who were whiz-kids in school, got a degree and now have a good job in the tech field. Audi is pushing the fact that this new Audi A4 is a car for intelligent people and that intelligence and technology are the new rock stars for today’s world. Well Automobile set out to find out if that’s true.

If you’re measuring intelligence by how many gadgets a car has, then the Audi A4 is the Nikola Tesla of the automotive world. With a million different new technological innovations, the A4 is the overachiever in its class. Everything from your typical lane departure warning to a Traffic-Jam assist to a system that alerts passengers opening their doors of an incoming car by flashing the interior ambient lighting red. That’s clever stuff and unheard of so far in the segment. Audi just thinks of everything, doesn’t it? So there’s no doubt that the new A4 is the smartest kid in class. But just being the smartest kid in class doesn’t make you the most liked kid in class, so what’s the Audi A4 actually like to drive?

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2016 Audi A4


Well, for starters, it’s better than the old car. While the outgoing Audi A4 wasn’t a bad car, per se, it wasn’t exactly a fun one. This new A4 has lost 66 lbs compared to the previous all-wheel drive model and it can be felt. The new suspension has been heavily revised and it makes for a more compliant ride as well as more nimble handling than before. Body control is well kept and the steering is accurate, if a little vague. Overall, the Audi A4 seems to be equal parts geek and jock. It’s the quarterback and the mathlete at the same time, no small feat.

But is it likable, is the new Audi A4 fun to drive? Overall, yes. It’s not as fun as, say, a BMW 3 Series or Jaguar XE, but it’s certainly not boring. It’s fast enough, with its 252 hp 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and it has great reflexes along with some very impressive technology. While it may not be the most entertaining car in its class, it’s the car for the Thinking-Man, the customer who looks for forward thinking as much as they do fun.

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We’re going to be doing our own test of the Audi A4 quite soon and should be having a comparison test between it and its main rival, the BMW 3 Series, coming up shortly after. So stay tuned for that.

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