Automobile Magazine drives the new Audi Q7

We’ve seen quite a lot of reviews of the Audi Q7 since its European debut a few months back. However, we’ve yet to see one driven on US shores, as it hasn’t yet been released on the western side of the Atlantic. Though now we have, as Automobile has gotten their paws on one and have come away impressed.

015 Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI Tofana White

We already know much about the features of the Audi Q7 and all of its technology, as we’ve reviewed it multiple times. However, we’re going to talk about some of this things Automobile learned about the way the car feels and drives, as that’s more important than numbers on a spec sheet.

According to Automobile, the second-gen Q7 is a significant improvement over the previous car. It all starts with the looks, which are hard to deny being best in class. The new Q7 is sharp and muscular looking without looking to aggressive. It’s still a very upscale and luxurious looking vehicle with sophisticated creases and lines. The massive 3D grille and new headlights look especially good.

The interior also received top marls, which isn’t surprising. We recently had our butts in a new Q7 and were blown away by the quality, design and technology. After driving the brand-new BMW X5, we can honestly say that the new Q7 is a step above the BMW. The main focal point has to be the optional (an absolute must-have option) Virtual Cockpit, which displays all of the infotainment information that the MMI system does as well as the typical driving information of a normal gauge cluster. However, the rest of the interior is simply fantastic. Everything you touch is covered in rich materials, whether they be metal, leather wood or high-quality plastics. It’s simply the best cabin in its class.

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2015 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI quattro

The driving dynamics aren’t so bad either. In fact, they’re excellent. Whether you option it with the air-suspension or keep it on the standard coil springs, the Audi Q7 rides with smooth, supple confidence without feeling floaty or out of control. It’s also quite tossable and actually quite fun to drive. While it isn’t an RS5, it’s fun for a three-row SUV. Its steering is light but direct and has enough feel to make the Q7 easy to drive quickly. It’s exactly the sort of steering you’d want in a luxury SUV.

The engine is a real treat as well. The US Audi Q7 will start with only one engine option, the 3.0 liter Supercharged V6 used in many other Audi products. In Q7 form, it’s quite, smooth and powerful, acting as the perfect engine for this application.

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Audi Q7 Virtual Cockpit
Audi Q7 Virtual Cockpit

On top of all of the luxury and technology, like the rear air suspension that dips when you power-open the rear tailgate for easier loading, the Q7 is actually an enjoyable car to drive and to look at. It’s hard to find a better overall package than the second-gen Audi Q7. The only fault Automobile found with the Q7 was that the third row is a bit small for anyone other than small children, which can be said about virtually any three-row SUV. All in all, though, the Audi Q7 could very well be the best luxury SUV on the market.

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