Automobile drives Audi A7 on Southwest African adventure

The Audi A7 is an interesting car. In its second generation, it looks better than ever. It’s stunning, the new A7. However, it’s also surprisingly practical, thanks to its hatchback body style. It’s also incredibly comfortable and capable at tackling twisty roads, even if it isn’t the most engaging sport sedan. All of that adds up to make a fantastic grand tourer. A fact that was put to the test in Southwest Africa by George Kacher of Automobile Magazine.

On the press launch of the new Audi A7, journalists tested in in South Africa and drove it west to some more remote towns. These aren’t the sorts of places that the Audi A7 will typically see. Ghost towns and dirt roads are not typically Audi A7-type territory. However, according to Kacher, the stylish Audi handled it all with aplomb.

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I genuinely don’t want to spoil Kacher’s story for you because it’s excellent and worth a read. It features a ton of history, sketchy moments and some great storytelling. It also paints a surprisingly positive picture of the Audi A7, which was criticized on initial launch for not being as sporty as a lot of journalists were hoping/expecting.

One of the features of the Audi A7 that we were a bit nervous about, Kacher seems to have been quite happy with. That’s the new Quattro Ultra system, which is almost entirely front-wheel drive until it detects either slip or the need for more rear-end grip. So on a dusty dirt road, of which there are many in Southwest Africa, the Quattro Ultra system was able to divert power to the necessary wheels within milliseconds, allowing the A7 to never lost traction. But when pushing it on a twisty road, it can create more of a rear-bias, allowing it to rotate around corners better.

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If there’s anything to take from this story, though, it’s that the A7 is an excellent grand touring car that can cross continents, in various conditions, and tackle everything with east, comfort, style and luxury.

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