Autocar takes the Audi SQ7 TDI to France

Of all Audis in the current lineup, the SQ7 TDI just may be the best for a long-distance road trip. Not only is it massive, packing enough space and luxury for five passengers to ride in complete comfort, but it’s also quick and enjoyable to drive. It’s a superb long-distance cruiser. Hell, it’s even a diesel, so it’s relatively good on gas (about as good as a triple-turbo V8 diesel can be). Which is precisely why Autocar took an Audi SQ7 TDI to France on a road trip.

During their snowboarding trip to France, five people and all of their luggage packed their way into the Audi SQ7. Even as capacious as it is, it needed a roof box to handle all of their gear and snowboards. Despite being packed to the brim, though, all five passengers had enough space to sit comfortably and enjoy the trip. Well, maybe four passengers were comfortable, as the poor soul that had to sit in the middle rear seat had to straddle the transmission tunnel while being over six-feet tall. That’s probably not fun.

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Still, though, it’s hard to knock the Audi SQ7’s ability to blend comfortable luxury hauler capabilities with performance SUV athletics. Powering the massive road-tripper is a 4.0 liter triple-turbocharged V8 TDI engine that makes 435 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque, or enough to pull the moon out of orbit. All of that monstrous power allows the SQ7 to get from 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds. That’s about how fast the previous-gen Audi S5 was and the SQ7 is a massive diesel SUV. Engineering is getting absurd, in a good way.

So the SQ7 is easily one of the best long-distance roadtrip vehicles on the market. It has the space to pack all necessary luggage and five passengers comfortably and it also has the ability to hustle twisty mountain roads and actually be fun doing it. Oh, and don’t forget its ability to burn sports cars in a stop-light drag races, especially in poor weather.

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