Autocar reviews the RS6 Avant

A certain recent post of ours upset a number of people regarding my appreciate, at a distance, of the S6 over the M5. While my objective was more a styling and everyday applicability appreciation, a bi-product of that post was that many felt, as I’m sure Audi and BMW intended, that a more suitable comparison is the Audi RS6 versus the BMW M5, despite the lack of presence of the RS6 in the United States.

Well,  in the video I attached to this post, AutoCar reviewed the RS6 Avant, comparing it to the uber-sporty luxo barge segment king, the BMW M5 Touring. The review really does show the pros and cons of the RS6 in the everyday world. I’ll be the first to agree, the dry weight of the RS6 is unacceptable and beginning to teeter into the SUV realm compared to the somewhat more lithe BMW M5. Other things they didn’t like about the RS6 was the almost too subtle styling and borderline absurd horsepower and the lack of the DSG dual clutch gearbox. However, the easy of use and ironically, the power did win them over despite and drawbacks they found.

The results are surprising, though, so take a look!