Autocar drove the all-new 2020 Audi e-tron Sportback 55

At last year’s LA Auto Show, Audi revealed the e-tron Sportback, the sportier looking version of the standard e-tron SUV. While it’s not much different mechanically, its sharper look and little bit of extra range do make it more desirable (the standard e-tron will get a range update to match soon). Autocar recently gave it a go to see if it’s actually worth the price increase in the real world.


While Audi hasn’t changed anything mechanically, Autocar did note that the e-tron Sportback is a bit more driver-oriented than the standard car. Maybe Audi changed some calibration and tuning or maybe it’s just a placebo effect. Either way, it seems that the Sportback is the e-tron to drive. It also gets ever-so-slightly more range (219 miles EPA) and its new shape is more aerodynamic than the outgoing one. In fact, it’s the most aerodynamic SUV on the market.

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That new shape really is the reason to buy it, though. While not a bad looking car, the standard e-tron is a bit sedate looking. Its shape and overall design does little to differentiate it from its internal-combustion siblings. The Audi e-tron Sportback, however, looks better and has more style. So it will likely attract more customers than its more conventionally-style counterpart.


Inside, it’s as good as ever. Its cabin is lovely and extraordinarily quiet, materials are top-notch and its tech is great. Admittedly, its new camera mirrors don’t work as well as conventional mirrors but they’re cool and techy and that means something in this segment.

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Is it worth the price premium over the standard Audi e-tron? According to Autocar — yes it is. It’s better looking, slightly better to drive and comes with a few more miles of range. Let’s be honest, though, it’s the new look that makes it worth it. If you want something actually sportier, you’ll have to wait for the upcoming e-tron S Sportback.


[Source: Autocar]
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