Autocar Test: Audi A7 BiTDI Black Edition vs Alpina D3 BiTurbo

Big, powerful and fast diesels are becoming more disliked than Donald Trump’s hairdo, thanks to Volkswagen Group’s latest diesel scandal. However, that doesn’t stop enthusiasts, like us, from desiring them. There’s something so fantastically desirable about a luxury car that can double as a canyon carver while surging along on waves of torque and getting excellent fuel economy. This is exactly what both of these cars do and each do it in their own way.

Audi A7 BiTDI

While this test seems unfair at first, considering the fact that the Audi A7 BiTDI Black Edition is considerably more money than the Alpina D3 BiTurbo, they actually stack up better than one might think. The A7 uses Audi’s 300 hp 3.0 liter Bi-Turbo TDI V6 while the Alpina uses a tuned version of BMW’s 345 hp twin-turbocharged 3.0 liter I6 diesel.

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Typically, the BMW 3 Series interior is good but not great and certainly not nice enough to be compared to the much more luxurious and expensive Audi A7. However, given Alpina treatment, the D3 BiTurbo has a much more upscale cabin than that of the standard 3 Series and allows it to compete, and compete well, with the Audi A7. The A7 beats the D3 for space, especially in the back seat, which is quite obvious given the A7’s considerable size advantage. However, the build qualities and materials are quite similar in quality. The Alpina D3 has Alpina’s typically rich Lavalina leather interior, which gives it a very interesting and attractive cabin, while the A7’s more staid and business like mixture of black leather and aluminum trim give it a more high-quality feeling.

Alpina D3 BiTurbo

When it comes to driving, both cars offer their own interesting take on performance. Both cars are sports car quick, but the Audi A7 acts more as a luxurious grand touring car rather than the Alpina D3’s sports car feel. This makes sense, though, as the Alpina is built off of the much smaller and sportier BMW 3 Series, while the Audi A7 is a luxury car first and foremost. This makes the Alpina feel a bit more thrilling than the A7. However, the A7 is the better cruiser and has the more comfortable suspension.

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Both cars offer an excellent performance/economy/luxury proposition, however Autocar gives the win to the Alpina. According to them, it’s the more fun car of the two and it’s the cheaper car of the two, by quite some margin. Though, if luxury is your main priority, the Audi A7 BiTDI V6 could be worth the extra cost.

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