Autocar compares B8 Audi RS4 vs VW Golf R Estate

The B8 Audi A4, and all of its S and RS variants, are starting to show their age and are due to be replaced very soon. However, that doesn’t make them bad or even worse than some of their newer competition. This is especially true for the RS4, which is actually a breathe of refreshing fresh air in comparison to newer cars, thanks to its naturally aspirated V8 and more old-school feeling compared to more modern high-tech sports cars. However, the RS4’s level of performance and practicality can be had for less money these days without losing out on much luxury or quality. The Volkswagen Golf R Estate is evidence of such things.


British publication, Autocar, has taken both the B8 Audi RS4 Avant and the Volkswagen Golf R Estate and pit them against each other to see which is better. At first glance, the Golf R doesn’t stand a chance. Its 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder has nothing on the RS4’s 4.2 liter V8, especially in the charisma department. The Golf’s turbo four-pot does create more torque low in the rev range, thanks to its boost-building snail, but the RS4’s V8 creates more power and revs gloriously past 8,000 rpm. The RS4 is the faster car of the two, but it requires more work as its engine needs to rev to build power. But that isn’t a bad thing as revving this V8 is nothing short of extraordinary.

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Naturally, you’d imagine that the RS4 would crush the Golf R, in terms of handling, and it does. To a point. While the RS4 has considerably more grip, is far more capable and will ultimately go around a race track faster than the Golf it does so feeling less solid than the Golf R and tends to feel less stable than its cheaper VW sibling. This has much to do with the fact that the B8 RS4 is built on a platform from almost a decade ago, while the Golf R is build on a brand-new platform that has been wowing since its inception. So the Golf R has youth on its side. So the Golf R is far less jittery over rough pavement and is more comfortable. The interior is also a bit more modern, but the RS4’s is a more special place to be. The Golf R continues to benefit from its newer platform in terms of interior space. The newer MQB platform allows the Golf R to have a more spacious interior and cargo area than the RS4, even though the RS4 is the considerably bigger automobile.


The Golf R Estate is definitely a worthy competitor to the much more expensive, much more powerful and much older Audi RS4. According to Autocar, the Golf R Estate is the better overall vehicle, despite feeling a bit less special and is a bit less fun. But if you ask us, the RS4 is simply too exciting to have the Golf R take the win. The engine in the RS4 is one of the all time greats and makes your spine tingle when its rev needle swings past 6,000 rpm. It might not be as solid or be as modern, but it’s the better car if you ask us and worth the extra money, despite its age.

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[Source: Autocar]
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