Auto Union Type D on sale for $8,000,000

One of the most celebrated and noted vintage Audi’s is about to cross the auction block for $8,000,000 – and no, it’s not the new R8 V10 up for auction – but, the 1939 Auto Union Type D race car.


The Type D was a something of a Porsche 917 of it’s day in the pre-World War II era of racing in that it was a multi-faceted race car with continually changing engines and body work. Driven by the likes of racing legend¬†Tazio Nuvolari (See Audi’s Nuvolari concept which developed into the design platform for many current Audi’s) and the world famous Hans Stuck, Sr who drove the car to a then record of 199MPH. The Type D powered through being a grand prix car over a career spanning from 1934 up until the break out of World War II in late 1939. During the same time period, the Type D proved to be highly successful and capable as a hill climber, despite it’s unwieldy handling which was only harnessed with it’s 500+ horsepower engines which could easily out muscle the Mercedes W125 race cars of the day.


After the war, this particular car, chassis #19, was tucked securely under the Soviet Union’s iron curtain as a vehicle studied for its technical prowess and managed to eventually escape the USSR after being bought up by a wealthy Russian. With its storied history and as a car that was the pinnacle of racing for its time, this Auto Union Type D will surely fetch the expected price of $8,000,000 when it goes under the hammer at Bonhams and Butterfields auction in Carmel, California this August.