Auto Tradition to race at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is the world’s largest and most prestigious historic racing event, featuring some of the most iconic, classic cars in history. It’s happening July 12 — 15 and Audi Tradition will be in attendance, showing off two of its iconic classics, including the famous Auto Union Type C and the Wanderer Streamline Special.

Before becoming Audi, the four brands which Audi’s rings represent, merged and were called the Auto Union. One of its most iconic race cars was the Auto Union Type C and it packed a monster 16-cylinder, 520 hp engine behind the driver, which made it capable of a top speed of 340 km/h (211 mph). That was truly an astonishing feat of engineering in 1936, when it was first debuted. In the same year, Bernd Rosemeyer won the European driving championship and the German hill-climb championship in the Type C, which is remarkable because of the fact that it was truly difficult to drive. With all of that power, a slippery body shape and no aerodynamic downforce to speak of, the Auto Union Type C was truly a handful to drive. It could break its tires loose at over 100 mph.

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This year at Goodwood, Hans-Joachim Stuck will be taking the wheel of Audi Tradition’s rebuilt Type C. It will be a very special moment for the Stuck, as his father Hans was a member of the Auto Union team in the 1930’s and, when it came to hill races, he was almost unbeatable. Every time he drives a Silver Arrow, Stuck junior wears his father’s original gloves and racing goggles.

Audi Tradition will also be bringing the Wanderer Streamline Special to Goodwood for the first time. The Wandered raced at the 4,000 kilometer, 100 hour Liège-Rome-Liège race eighty years ago. It was a grueling race that few of the cars entered in ever completed. In 1939, only 21 of the 50 cars entered finished the race. All three Wanderers were among the finishing cars. Now, it will race at Goodwood for the first time ever.

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