Auto Express Test: Audi Q7 vs Mercedes-Benz GLS

For 2016, Mercedes-Benz rebadged its GL Class the GLS Class, to fit in line with its new naming system that sees the last letter of its SUVs represent its corresponding sedan. But naming aside, the Mercedes GLS Class isn’t much different from the GL Class it replaces. So it must use its slightly old chassis and technology to compete with the very new and very high-tech Audi Q7. So let’s see what happens.

According to Auto Express, the two cars match up quite well, as they’re both similarly size, can fit the same amount of passengers (seven) and each have similar diesel engines. However, the Mercedes GLS is quite a bit longer, which allows it to have more cargo space and a roomier third row. The GLS is also the more luxurious of the two and the Q7 requires air-suspension to ride as nicely as the Benz. So the old dog still has quite a lot to offer in the premium SUV segment.

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Audi Q7 (5)

However, the Audi Q7 is still considered to be the winner here. While it lacks a bit to the GLS in terms of size and interior space, it’s still a very spacious and practical vehicle that would be perfect for almost all occasions. It’s also the far more high-tech car, as its Virtual Cockpit technology and advanced MMI system with Google Earth is far superior to the GLS’ setup. The Audi Q7 is also the better handling car of the two and puts down similar performance numbers while actually being more efficient.

So despite the fact that the Mercedes-Benz GLS gets some S Class levels of luxury, has more interior room and cargo space and has a fantastic ride, the Audi Q7 is still the better all around SUV. For the price, it’s almost impossible to beat the Audi Q7’s level of comfort, performance, handling and technology. it also doesn’t hurt that it’s the newest car in its class. We’ve driven the new Audi Q7 and it really is a spectacular SUV, one that could possibly be the best in its class. At least Auto Express agrees with us.

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