Auto Express takes an autonomous ride in the new Audi A8

For months prior to its debut, all we heard about the new Audi A8 was that it would be the most technologically-advanced car in its class. Audi promised Level 3 Autonomy, making it the first car in the world to have such tech. Once it debuted and the folks in Ingolstadt finally took the wrapping off their most expensive luxury car, we know that the A8 will deliver on its promises on paper. The real question is just how well it delivers on its promises.

Auto Express recently had the opportunity to ride shotgun in the new Audi A8 while it drove itself. While they couldn’t actually drive it, they were able to learn how well its Level 3 autonomy worked, how comfortable its ride was and how nice the cabin was. So is the new Audi A8 everything it’s been hyped up to be?

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According to AE, all of the Audi A8’s new tech seems to work pretty well. “The result is undeniably impressive, the A8 gliding through the traffic the steering wheel moving slightly as it does so, allowing easy conversation in the A8’s luxurious new cabin.”

As for the interior, we were a bit worried that the new dual-touchscreen infotainment system would be too difficult to use, compared to the current MMI system. Though, it seems that it looks good and works well. “The fit and finish in the hugely accommodating cabin, as we’ve come to expect from Audi, is impeccable – the touchscreens simplifying the operation and simplifying the design.”

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The ride and cabin are also said to be supremely luxurious, with the as-standard air suspension working fantastically. It’s also quiet, with almost no road, tire or wind noise making their way into the cabin.

We won’t be able to learn about how the new Audi A8 actually drives until Audi starts letting journalists drive it. However, it seems that it will at least be an impressive and luxurious limousine, which is realistically what it will be used for most of the time. While we’re hoping that it has the driving dynamics that can take down the new BMW 7 Series and newly-refreshed Mercedes-Benz S-Class, we know that it will at least be top of the class in terms of luxury and technology.

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