Auto Express Drives The Audi R8

We’ve read a lot of reviews of the new Audi R8, as Audi recently invited all of the important journalists to Portugal to test it out. Since then, we’ve read tons and tons about it. But we haven’t gotten much video of it. That’s the sad part, as the V10 is so much more than numbers and text on a screen. The Audi R8 is a visceral thing, it shouts and screams, with its mighty V10, and it looks like a supermodel on wheels. The R8 is not something you want to read about, it’s something you want to see, hear, touch and drive.

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So the fine folks at Auto Express decided to give us a bit of a taste of that, what the R8 is like on the track and on the road. They start out with a brief technical demonstration, showing the R8’s chassis and body-in-white. It’s quite an impressive thing to behold, all of the aluminum and carbon fiber. Then they head out on to the Portimao Race Track in Portugal. The challenge of this is that they’re on the track at night and Portimao isn’t the most visible track in the world, the driver even talks about its notorious blind crests. But he’s still able to push the R8 and have some fun with it. And you get to hear that V10 rev out and it sounds glorious.

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Audi R8 graphics

Then they head to the road in the daylight. This shows the R8’s ability to mooch around town with nary a complaint. The days are gone when supercars were impossible to drive on road. The R8 is as quite, comfortable and composed as a VW Golf on regular roads, no supercar fussiness here. It’s also an absolute stunner. To see it actually move around in the beautiful Portuguese ¬†sunshine, and watch the light move around its curves, really shows how fantastic the R8 looks in person.

2016 Audi R8
2016 Audi R8

The Audi R8 is a stunning machine and proof that, despite all of the diesel A6’s Audi is known for, the folks in Ingolstadt still know how to make a proper sports car. Thanks to the guys at Auto Express for the video. Check it out.

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