Auto Express’ B8 Audi A5 Used Car Advice

Let’s face it, most enthusiasts aren’t buying brand new Audis. Brand new Audis are expensive and most enthusiasts don’t have the money to buy them. So most of us turn to used cars, with a lot of customers getting relatively new, Certified Pre-Owned cars. One such car, which is quite popular among the Audi enthusiast fanbase, is the first-generation, B8 Audi A5 Coupe. Not only is it still gorgeous but it’s a great car to drive as well. But, as any modern luxury car, it can be quite expensive to actually own and fix. So Auto Express has put together a bit of a review of the first-gen A5, giving customers, and potential customers, a bit of advice.

When buying a used luxury car, it’s always good to go into it knowing what might lie ahead. You don’t want to plop down a ton of money to then all of a sudden have massive repair bills. So you want to know what sort of common problems there are, what to look out for and what to put money aside for.

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The original Audi A5 Coupe, like any car, has its share of common problems. Though, at least from the list AE provided, they’re fairly simple. Things like window regulators, wheel bearings and door locks can be regular issues. Though, there doesn’t seem to be any real indication of serious engine/transmission faults. Still, any sort of repair that you might have to do will be pricey and the service costs will be, too. Still, it’s worth it.

While it’s an expensive car to own, the Audi A5 is a great looking coupe with a fantastic interior and impressive driving dynamics. Sure, it has its issues, such as overly light steering feel (especially in later, post facelift models) and the smaller engines, such as the 2.0T, lack any sort of thrilling performance. But it’s still a car worth looking into and it’s still a car worth owning.

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