Audi’s parent company Volkswagen axes 10-speed DSG development

Volkswagen has announced plans to drop development of a new 10-speed DSG gearbox. The reveal was made by sources within the company at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week, even though earlier this year at the Vienna Motor Symposium they actually presented the new transmission and said it will soon reach models within the VW empire. This decision has allegedly been taken because creating such a transmission is very complex and requires a lot of funds for development.

The 10-speed DSG transmission was supposed to be implemented in front-wheel drive transverse and rear-wheel drive longitudinal applications and the gearbox in question was planned to have one short first gear and an almost simultaneous second gear.

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It’s not known at this point whether this will have an effect on Audi’s S tronic development, the equivalent of Volkswagen’s DSG. It should be mentioned that although Volkswagen and Audi are part of the same group, the automakers have separate R&D teams so it doesn’t necessarily mean that Audi is not working on adding more gears to its S tronic transmission, despite VW’s setback with their DSG which according to Volkswagen’s director of powertrain Dr Hans-Jakob Neusser will be improved in the forseeable future.

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