Audi’s matrix LED headlights featured in new clip

Audi Deutschland has released a new video showcasing the matrix LED technology available on select models. The system made its debut back in 2013 on the A8 facelift and at that point Audi said it sets “new standards in safety”. In the flagship model, there are 50 high-beam LEDs in both headlights arranged in a matrix layout and capable of automatically adapting to the surrounds in a matter of milliseconds. A control unit takes care of activating, deactivating and dimming the lights depending on road conditions.

These matrix LED headlights benefit from marker lights that work with the optional night vision assistant. When a pedestrian is detected in a close range in front of the car, individual LEDs of the headlights will briefly flash for three times in succession as a method to alert the person in front of the car.

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As you would expect, Audi’s matrix LED technology includes cornering light function by using the predictive route data sourced from the MMI navigation plus system. The light beam is shifted toward left or right even before the driver actually turns the car’s steering wheel. In the case of the A8 flagship, the LED headlight incorporates a dynamic turn signal, just like in the taillights of the outgoing R8. The LEDs in the A8 facelift flash in blocks inside the headlight depending on the direction the driver wants to turn.

Audi A6 with matrix LED headlights
Audi A6 allroad quattro with matrix LED headlights

In this particular video, the matrix LED headlights are featured on the facelifted versions of the A6 allroad quattro and the A6 Avant which both are offered with the aforementioned dynamic turn signals.

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