Audi’s July sales in United States up by one fifth

Audi has managed to boost its July sales in United States by one fifth compared to the same month of 2014. In other words, deliveries rose from 14,616 units to 17,654 cars, representing a 20.8% increase and United States wasn’t the only country where the company with the four ring logo enjoyed a major sales hike.

Spain was also a good market for Audi as deliveries rose by 22.8% to 4,201 units whereas in Brazil sales jumped by a massive 38.8% to 1,455 cars. It was also a good month for the company’s UK division which managed to sell 12,818 units, up by 8.2% compared to July 2014.

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Overall, so far this year Audi’s global sales have gone up by 1.4% to 146,100 units, even though the company took some major hits as in China deliveries plummeted by 12.5% to 42,267 cars whereas in Russia sales went down by 23% to 2,003 vehicles.

The second half of the year should prove to be better for Audi taking into account the next generation Q7 and A4 will penetrate more markets and these two are among the most important models of the brand so sales should be considerably boosted, especially in China.

Here are the full results:

Adrian Padeanu

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