Audi’s July global sales up by 9.7 percent

Audi has announced global sales last month went up by 9.7 percent compared to the same period of 2013. The total number of units delivered by Audi in July stands at 144,000 cars, helped by a 5.4 percent sales boost in Europe while deliveries in North America jumped by 12.1 percent. In addition, 16.2 percent more customers from the Asia-Pacific region purchased an Audi product.

Since the beginning of the year, Audi managed to deliver no less than 1,013,350 cars all over the world, representing a year-to-date increase of 11.1 percent. The impressive July global sales figures were possible thanks to the A6, the firm’s best-selling full-size model which is quite popular nowadays especially in the more economical “ultra” derivative. Another star within Audi’s lineup is the A3 as the entire family saw a sales hike of 52.3 percent to approximately 25,450 units in July.

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These amazing global sales for Audi also had to do with the success of the Q3 and long wheelbase A6 in China where sales of the models increased by a whopping 98.4 percent to 8,052 units for the Q3 and by 20.9 percent to 14,061 cars for the A6L which is actually Audi’s most popular model in China.

Moving onto South Korea, sales in the country increased in July by 65.8 percent, boosted by the flagship A8 model. In Australia, Audi delivered 15.8 percent more cars last month, reaching 1,535 vehicles.

Here is the market overview of Audi for July 2014:

Sales for
In JulyCumulative
 20142013Change from 201320142013Change from 2013
  – Germany22,30321,904+1.8%162,306150,249+8.0%
  – UK11,85210,550+12.3%95,20984,601+12.5%
  – France4,8924,889+0.1%35,39435,107+0.8%
  – Italy4,7914,018+19.2%30,77028,843+6.7%
  – Spain3,4223,053+12.1%26,21124,138+8.6%
  – Russia2,6002,954-12.0%20,56621,135-2.7%
  – China
(incl. Hong Kong)
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