Audi’s factories in Germany get break lounges

Audi has established break lounges for factory workers at its assembly plants in Germany. These are new group corners and break rooms available for both the company’s factories in Germany where there are around 27,000 employees working at the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm plants where from now on 8 to 12 colleagues on a shift will be able to have their breaks at the new rooms.

Audi says these are modular lounges as almost all components can be combined and exchanged. The idea to redesign the space where workers can relax is the result of a joint initiative of the Ingolstadt’s and Neckarsulm plant directors Peter Kössler and Fred Schulze, respectively. These new group corners and break lounges are being established in the new production buildings and assembly sections.

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Audi Break Lounges
Audi Break Lounges

Audi’s employees in charge of production, planning and Works Council teamed up with the faculty for interior design and the faculty for wood engineering and construction of the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences in both the planning and the prototype phase of these break lounges meant to make the employees feel more relaxed.

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