Audi’s decision to stay out of F1 disappointing to Williams

Claire Williams, Deputy Team Principal for the Williams Formula 1 racing team, has said “It’s disappointing,” that Audi won’t be entering F1. Audi’s absence from F1 is likely to to Volkswagen Group’s head of motorsport claiming that the sport’s political landscape “not predictable enough” to warrant an entry from Audi. Which is a shame,  according to Williams, who feels as if “This is a sport where we would like to have the likes of Audi in it.”. But Williams understands the reasoning, saying “But they have other motorsport commitments. If F1 isn’t for them, it’s not for them. People have been trying to get Audi into F1 for decades and they haven’t changed their position.”

However, Williams doesn’t feel that it’s the politics or the ever-changing rules and regulations. “I don’t think we can blame it on the current political landscape of our sport,” she said. “I’m sure there are lots of factors which come into their decision-making process as to why F1 isn’t for them.”Asian Le Mans Series 2015/2016

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There have been many fans of both the brand and the sport who would love to see Audi enter Formula 1, as the Four-Ringed brand has been doing incredibly well in Endurance Racing, being a seemingly perennial winner at Le Mans. But Endurance Racing is where Audi will stay, as that’s where the brand’s technology is better suited.

It’s unfortunate, because we’d all love to see Audi try its hand at Formula 1, like its German competitor Mercedes-Benz, but it’s just not in the cards. Maybe one day in the future, Audi will jump in to the glamorous sport, but for now, Audi remains out of the game for the foreseeable future.

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