Audi’s Android Auto system making friends with Android users

Audi recently launched its second-generation Audi Q7 in the US market and it’s been getting rave reviews ever since. One aspect of the Q7 that many owners are pleased with is the amount of technology and connectivity that it comes with. One of the connectivity features of the new Audi Q7 is the Android Auto system. Apple CarPlay is also available, so either style of smart phone will work. But Android-based media site, Android Headlines, has given the Q7’s Android Auto system a review and they’ve come away impressed.

As soon as you plug your Android phone into one of the USB outlets in the car, the MMI screen will automatically show the Android Auto symbol in the main menu. Using the MMI rotary knob to control the system, if you click on the Android Auto icon, the system comes up and takes over the screen, basically replacing the MMI system with your Android phone. It’s pretty cool to see.

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2016 Audi Q7

Once the Android Auto system is running, you can cycle through all of the Google Now tabs, check your news, notifications and use many of the phones apps. It all seems like it works quite intuitively. When Android Auto is active, it also replaces the Audi’s navigation system with Google Maps from the phone, making it incredibly easy to use. When entering a destination, you can use the MMI rotary knob’s touchpad to write letter and even spell out whole words at once, instead of inputting each letter one at a time. It seems to work really well. You can even use the Google Now voice search to input the destination and it works just as easily as it does on the phone. This will help Android users considerably while driving.

But it isn’t just navigation, the Android Auto system can implement almost very feature of the phone onto the MMI system, including some apps, messaging, email and music. It’s really a great way to connect your phone to the car and make it seamless and easy. Both Apple and Android users will be able to do this, using each of their respective systems. We’ll try out the Apple CarPlay system as soon as we can and give a review on that soon. But for now, the Android Auto system seems to work really well and Android users seem to be quite pleased with it.

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