Audi could be working on a power-generating suspension

An interesting report issued by UK’s Auto Express talks about an innovative power-generating suspension system that is currently in development at Audi. The company’s research and development boss Ulrich Hackenberg allegedly provided some juicy details about this technology during the launch of the A3 e-tron pictured here.

He referred to a “generator suspension” which would consist of a generator built into the damper and spun while the suspension compresses during bumpy road driving when the damper’s temperature can reach even 100-125 degrees Celsius. The electric energy obtained would then be stored in batteries and later on used either to power the hybrid system of the car or to provide additional energy to the vehicle’s ancillary electrical system.

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Thanks to this ground-breaking technology, an Audi equipped with a power-generating suspension system would consume less fuel and at the same time will lower resistance on the conventional combustion engine. Moreover, the technology can be adapted for high-performance sports cars because according to Hackenberg it can send energy back into the damper which would create what is known as “an independently variable suspension.”

For the moment it’s not known when the first production cars will be offered with a power-generating suspension but chances are these will come out before the end of the decade and will be previewed by concepts highlighting the benefits of the new technology.

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via autoexpress.co.uk

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