Audi working on high-resolution maps to work with driver assistance systems

Audi has announced plans to team up with a few partners to work on new high-resolution maps. Based on the company’s findings, precise mapping data boosts convenience and it also lowers fuel consumption. Such a feature has already been implemented in the second generation Q7 which boasts a predictive efficiency assistant which uses route data even if the navigation is not active to help cut fuel consumption.

This predictive efficiency assistant has the capability of recognizing roundabouts, curves, descents & ascents, speed limit signs, intersections and municipality border signs and in most cases before the driver sees them. It should be mentioned the system is being developed by Audi in collaboration with Dutch map and navigation supplier TomTom.

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Virtual Cockpit
Virtual Cockpit

According to Audi’s estimations, using high-resolution maps for the car’s predictive efficiency assistant can lower fuel consumption by as much as 10%. The next generation A8 flagship model will use high-resolution maps and will also benefit from piloted driving technology.

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