Audi won’t be attending the 2020 New York Auto Show

More and more European car companies are dropping out of North American auto shows. It’s nothing against North America, per se, but car companies are finding that auto shows aren’t exactly advantageous to them anymore, especially in North America. Which is why Audi has just announced that it won’t be attending the 2020 New York Auto Show.


According to Auto News, who recently spoke with Audi North America Chief Communication’s Officer Tara Rush, the four-ringed brand will not be in New York come April. Though, that doesn’t mean Audi won’t attend the New York Auto Show in 2021, or that it will drop out of every American auto show moving forward. Instead, the brand is going to pick and choose which auto shows to attend, based on which models are debuting.

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Audi RS Q8 at 2019 LA Auto Show


When speaking to Auto News, Rush said it’s “important to review the way we bring the Audi experience to life and introduce our new products and innovations to media and consumers.” So instead of backing out of the New York Auto Show, or any other auto show, Audi will “continue to evaluate auto shows on a case-by-case basis moving forward to determine if they are the best platform for U.S. and world premieres of our upcoming models.”


This decision hasn’t sat well with dealerships and their associations, though. Mark Schienberg, president of the NYADA (New York Automobile Dealers Association) recently express his displeasure with Audi’s decision to Auto News.

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“It’s such an important market; the New York [metro area] is the No. 1 market for Audi. That’s what took us by surprise,” he said. “You’re giving up a show that brings a million people to your product.”


To be honest, this isn’t much of a surprise. Last year, BMW pulled out of the New York Auto Show and it’s going to do so again this year. Mercedes-Benz is also joining Audi and BMW, as it won’t have any cars in New York either. The only two German brands that will show face in Gotham this year will be Volkswagen and Porsche.


As far as North American auto shows go, expect the LA Auto Show and CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to be the only two which Audi attends regularly. They’re the most important to almost all premium brands in America at the moment and it doesn’t seem as if that will change any time soon.

Audi AI:ME at CES 2020


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Personally, this is a bit disappointing, as the NY Auto Show is the closest one of the year to me, so it’s the easiest to get to. So the fact that I won’t be seeing in Audi in New York this year is a bit disappointing. However, I understand the decision and, to be honest, almost expected it.


[Source: Auto News]
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