Audi will use Qualcomm processors for infotainment system

It’s no secret that cars are becoming more and more computer like, with an increased focus on connectivity from automakers and customers alike. It seems as if cars are more like four-wheeled smartphones than automobiles. And because of this Audi has partnered with Qualcomm to make the processors for its latest automobiles. At this year’s 2016 CES, Audi demoed this in an Audi Q7 Concept car using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 602A processor.

On the flipped, Qualcomm also debuted its own automotive-based processor, the Snapdragon 820A, which combines processing capabilities with graphics processing and a 4G LTE modem.

2016 Audi TTS Coupe virtual cockpit

While the demonstration was with an Audi Q7, the Qualcomm 602A will make its way into other Audi vehicles as well. Audi has already partnered with GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) company, Nvidia, to make the graphics for the absolutely incredible Virtual Cockpit.

With in-car technology, infotainment and connectivity, these Qualcomm processors with 4G LTE incorporated into them will help Audi tremendously. It might seem like a strange world to have computer chip manufacturers working with auto manufacturers but that’s the world we live in. Audi’s slogan is Progress Through Technology after all.

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