Audi will tell you which speed will help avoid red lights with GLOSA

Audi has been working on something it calls TLI (Traffic Light Information) for some time now. It showed this tech off last year at CES and it’s basically a way for the car to communicate with traffic lights. So the Audi will know when traffic lights are going to change. It’s all part of the brand’s V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) technology. Now, the four-ringed brand is expanding on that with a new addition and a new acronym — GLOSA.

What is GLOSA? Green Light Optimization Speed Advisory. The goal of GLOSA is to “provide speed recommendations¬†to minimize stops at red lights and helps to reduce driver stress while catching the ‘green wave.'”

In a nutshell, GLOSA is designed to have the car communicate with traffic lights, figure out when they’re going to change to either green or red, then figure out a speed at which the driver will be able to coast through the light while it’s green and relay that to the driver. This will help reduce some of the stress of driving and being stuck at constant red lights. According to Audi, the average American spends 300 hours a year behind the wheel of a car, the equivalent of seven 40-hour work weeks. So helping reduce stress during that time is hugely helpful.

This idea is not only nice for drivers, though, as it reduces the stress from being constantly stopped at red lights but it also helps improve efficiency. The less time stopping and accelerating again, the better fuel economy your car gets. At the same time, the less time the car is idling, the less wasted emissions in the air. So the tech is a win/win, for both customers and the environment.


GLOSA will be part of Audi’s TLI technology, which is part for Audi Connect PRIME, a feature offered on Audi’s model years 2017 and up. It only works in select cities, though. Four new cities in America have been added: Denver, Colorado; White Plains, New York; Gainesville, Florida; and Orlando, Florida. With those four new cities, there are now 13 U.S. cities where this new tech is available.

This new tech is just another way Audi is making life a little bit nicer behind the wheel. With this, its toll-integration tech and Level 3 autonomy available in the Audi A8, life behind the wheel of four-ringed vehicles is getting easier and easier.

Nico DeMattia

I've been in love with cars since I was a kid, specifically German cars. Now I get to drive them talk about them on the internet.