Audi will reportedly launch additional allroad models

A new report indicates Audi is analyzing the prospects of introducing more allroad models in the years to come. The rugged treatment is about to be applied not only on the company’s wagons as there are some sources close to the Ingolstadt-based automaker indicating the availability of an allroad model based on a sedan.

If we were to believe Automobile Magazine, Volkswagen’s premium marque is thinking about coming out with an allroad version of the next generation A5 Sportback which is due to come out likely next year. Moreover, the report goes on to specify there might be an A7 Sportback Allroad although we have our doubts about the last one as it doesn’t really make sense as the market would probably be very small for this car.

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Aside from adding new allroad models, Audi is apparently putting the finishing touches on the TTQ crossover which is bound to go on sale towards the end of next year. Interestingly, the next generation of the TT which is several years away is expected to spawn a four-seat version that will allegedly be sold with the TTC moniker, but it’s too early to say whether this is true taking into account the new TT will probably be launched after 2020.

via Automobile Magazine

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