Audi will launch a fully electric SUV

Audi has disclosed plans to introduce a fully electric SUV tailored to upscale families. This will be a large SUV equipped with a generous battery pack that will grant the vehicle with a maximum range of more than 500 km (313 miles). The hardware arrangement will probably derived from the R8 e-tron which represents Audi’s first ever all-electric production car scheduled to go on sale in the following months.

Audi engineering chief Dr Ulrich Hackenberg says the fully electric SUV will not look like any other model in the company’s current range and that they will make a presentation of the new car “soon.” We do know it will ride on the MLB platform but it won’t be similar to the Q7 while multi-material construction should provide the vehicle with a lightweight construction but obviously it will still be a heavy car due to its sheer size.

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Audi Q7 e-tron 3.0 TDI quattro

A name has not been announced yet but we do know that it will contain “e-tron” to denote it’s an alternatively-powered Audi. Since Hackenberg said it won’t look like any other model, chances are the fully electric SUV will adopt an entirely different moniker to make it stand out from the company’s current offerings.

Note: Audi Q7 e-tron pictured.

via Auto Express

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