Audi will have 20 All-Electric models by 2025

Audi e-tron GT

It’s no secret that Audi was a bit late to the electric vehicle game. The Audi e-tron SUV is its first all-electric vehicle and it finally hit the road this year. Prior to that, almost all of its major competitors, and even some unorthodox competitors, have had at least one electric vehicle by now. Despite the late start, though, Audi is rapidly becoming one of the world leaders in electric mobility and is pushing out new EV models faster than we can keep up.

It doesn’t seem as if the four-ringed brand is going to stop any time soon, either. During the brand’s recent annual shareholder’s meeting, Audi confirmed that it will have at least 20 all-electric models by 2025. Not just that but it will have 35 models will some sort of electric drive in total. That means 20 pure EVs and about fifteen hybrids.

At least three of those models will be based off of the new MEB architecture, which is the VW Group’s new all-electric platform. It’s the same architecture that the upcoming Audi Q4 e-tron will be built on, as well as the Volkswagen I.D.

It was also mentioned that the first models to be built on the PPE architecture, the same one that underpins the Porsche Taycan, will launch at the beginning of the next decade. We already know that the Audi e-tron GT will hit the road in less than two years, with December 2020 being the absolute latest. The e-tron GT is being built on the PPE architecture, so we know that’s one of the PPE models to kick off the next decade. However, it’s possible that other models materialize from that joint platform as well.

All of this shouldn’t be for naught, though. While the Ingolstadt-based brand has had a bit of a hard time getting people on board for all-electric propulsion as of late, it predicts sales will kick up. In fact, the folks at Audi think that all forms of electrified vehicles (All-Electric and Hybrid) will account for more than 40-percent of total sales.

Now, admittedly, we don’t know if the brand is counting any of its MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle) models in that prediction. If it is, that’s sort of an unfair prediction, as almost all of its new models are MHEV. Those mild-hybrid cars are barely hybrids at all, as they just use small electrically-powered battery alternator starters (BAS) to help eliminate turbo-lag and reduce emissions during coasting. The Audi A6, A7, A8, SQ7 and Q8 all sport those BAS systems. So by 2025, all new Audis will feature the tech, which would easily drive its “electrified vehicle” sales percentage up if it were to count those cars.

Still, the idea that 20 all-electric models will be on sale by 2025 is a very exciting one. While 2025 sort of seems far away at first glance, it’s actually right around the corner. With all that Audi’s doing, and all that it’s done, it’s quickly becoming one of the world leaders in EVs and automation.

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