Audi will chauffeur celebrities at to the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival

For the past four years, Audi has been the main sponsor of the Berlin International Film Festival. That isn’t going to change this year, as celebrities will be chauffeured to the event in brand-new Audis once again. “Audi has long been intensively involved in the world of cinema and the company supports many artists and productions. Going to the movies is still a special experience for film buffs, even in the digital age,” says Jason Lusty, Head of Marketing Germany at Audi AG. “We share this enthusiasm and so we are giving all visitors direct access to the Berlinale with our Berlinale Open House event format.”

Audi will also continue its commitment to the Berlin Film Festival by once again presenting the Audi Short Film Award, in the “Berlinale Shorts” section. The winner of the award will get €20,000. “The contributions represent great variety and diversity – a spirit of innovation. They are touching as well as gripping – they trigger emotions and move us. Movement is the future,” said Lusty. “We want to motivate directors with this award to persist with this passion for innovation.”

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But the real benefit for the four-ringed brand in Berlin is to have famous and beautiful celebrities seen arriving in brand-new Audis. Those pretty faces will be chauffeured to the event in three different cars; the Audi A8, A7 and the Q7 e-tron. Last year we saw actor Daniel Brühl arrive in the last-generation Audi A8, which was being driven autonomously. Considering the new A8 is far superior at driving on its own, expect a similar stunt.

The car we really want to see in Berlin is the new Audi A7, though, as its stunning good looks will perfectly match the grandiose event. It’s almost as pretty as some of the stars that will be there.

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