Audi wants to bring virtual cars to your living room

In select markets at the beginning of February, Audi will be introducing its Augmented Reality app which will allow certain Audi models to drive from your television into your living room. Dubbed the Audi AR Quattro Coaster, this new app will work in joint with Audi AR-specific commercials. When the commercial airs, it will trigger an Audi AR event, which will show one of four different Audi models bursting out of the TV and into your living room all on your smartphone. If that sounds confusing, allow us to elaborate.

When one of these AR-ready commercials air, this event can be triggered by opening up the app on your smartphone and scanning the TV. The app will then create a digital version of the car on the TV seemingly in the room you’re in, as viewed on your smartphone. You will then be able to interact with the car in your phone as if it were a small model car sitting right in front of you. This will allow customers to interact with new Audis and almost create a virtual showroom right in someone’s home.

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But it doesn’t end there. If you find that to be boring, you can shrink that small model Audi down to matchbox-car size and drive it around on a digital track that seems to weave through the room you’re in. The app sort of scans the room and places the track throughout. Then you can drive the car on the track and around the room. To do so, you’ll actually have to get up, walk around and turn throughout the room. It’s genuine augmented reality, as it’s virtually adding a track to your surroundings and allowing you to drive through it. It’s quite fascinating.

This will allow customers and potential customers alike to experience a bit of the Audi brand, even just for a moment, right from their own homes.

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This new Quattro Coaster app was co-developed by Audi Norway and is currently only available in Norway. It will be available in other European markets soon but, at least as of right now, won’t be available in the US. That latter part is a shame because we really want to try it.


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