Audi, VW back CEO Rupert Stadler amidst harmful allegations

We recently learned that Audi CEO Rupert Stadler was under fire from allegations by a former Audi employee, claiming that Stadler not only knew of the diesel emissions cheat-device of last year but that it was his idea. However, those allegations were coming from a former Audi employee who is suing the company after having been fired. Despite seriousness of the allegations, it seems as if they’re just sour grapes from the recently fired employee, as Audi’s Supervisory Board is backing Stadler.

“Several days ago, the supervisory board has in the past few days had law firm Gleiss Lutz examine the allegations brought against Rupert Stadler by the terminated Audi employee and has had the results reported to it,” said Audi in a recent statement. “This examination comes to the conclusion that the allegations against Mr. Stadler are not accurate,”

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Stadler has testified to Volkswagen’s inquiry, which was led by U.S. law firm Jones Day. Following this, neither Jones Day nor U.S. authorities have accused Stadler of any wrongdoing and is said to be innocent of any involvement with the diesel scandal.

Matthias Müller, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG and Chairman of the Audi Supervisory Board, has also stated, “The documents submitted to the Labor Court in Heilbronn have been well known for some time and do not substantiate these accusations. The Supervisory Board expresses its confidence in Rupert Stadler.”

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