Should Audi Make Its Own VW ID.Buzz-Based Microbus?

Audi doesn’t have to make its own version of every Volkswagen product. Some VW products are best left as they are. However, there’s one upcoming VW product that would be fun for Audi to take a crack at modifying for its own use — the upcoming VW ID.Buzz.


Volkswagen just recently announced on Twitter that the upcoming ID.Buzz, an all-electric revival of the original VW microbus, will make its worldwide debut on March 9. In the tweet, you get a quick teaser of the new ID.Buzz, which has a very retro-futuristic look, that both pays homage to the original and makes it very clear that it’s an all-electric model for the future.

The VW ID.Buzz is going to be a very cool car, one that has the chance to become a massive sales hit. The original was immensely popular in its day, back in the ’50s and ’60s. So it stands to reason that the new one, with its funky looks and EV powertrain, could be a hit again, especially if it’s priced well. Would it make sense for Audi to make its own version?


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In reality, no. The VW Bus is an icon for the brand, so it might not be cool to have Audi poaching its heritage. Additionally, Audi customers might not want a van. However, it would be really cool if Audi were to make an all-electric, stylish, and luxurious microbus. It would be like its own Citroen H Van, just all-electric.


It would also be easy. The VW ID.Buzz is going to be built on the MEB platform, an all-electric architecture shared among the VW Group brands. The Audi Q4 e-tron is also built on the MEB platform. And while Volkswagen hasn’t announced any powertrain specs just yet, it’s very likely that the ID.Buzz uses the same powertrain as the ID.4, which is shared with the Q4 e-tron.


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All Audi would have to do is develop its own body and interior, which Audi excels at. Imagine a slick looking, luxurious, and high-tech electric microbus with Audi’s design language? As silly as it might be, it would be awesome.

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