Audi video highlights the Design Miami Basel 2014

Audi has uploaded a video showcasing its presence at the Design Miami Basel 2014 where the introduced the interesting TT Pavilion. It’s a free-standing structure that was built by Audi in association with industrial designer Konstantin Grcic. The source of inspiration for this peculiar product was the recently introduced third generation TT which was also exhibited at the event. Another influence was represented by the prefabricated houses designed by Jean Prouvé.

The TT Pavilion was designed to be used as a temporary shelter in a secluded area and features a wooden exterior construction boasting no less than seven entry points that all have folding ramps. There are also seven tailgate doors which are identical to those fitted onto the real latest Audi TT. Pylons were used to for mounting the pavilion and the creators say that it’s easy to install, regardless of the terrain’s type.

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It should be mentioned that Audi has been the only automotive sponsor of the Design Miami Basel 2014, a tradition which started back in 2006. In recent years, the German marque collaborated with international designers and architects such as Clemens Weisshaar, Reed Kram, Tom Dixon, Moritz Waldemeyer and Bjarke Ingels.

The Design Miami Basel 2014 was organized this year between June 17 and 22.

Adrian Padeanu

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