Audi Partners with Verizon to Bring 5G to American Lineup

Automakers’ need to increase their digital connectivity is increasing rapidly. Advanced autonomous driver aids, personalized digital services, and over-the-air updates are all technologies that require high-speed data connections and 5G is the next goal for most brands. Audi is partnering with Verizon in America to bring 5G to the brand’s vehicle lineup.


“Audi was the first automaker to bring in-vehicle Wi-Fi to customers as well as 4G LTE connectivity in the 2015 A3, and we will be among the first to bring the next generation of connectivity to our customers in the U.S.,” said Filip Brabec, senior VP, Product Planning, Audi of America. “We value our partnership with Verizon and their eagerness to push the boundaries of what’s possible as cars continue to become even more connected.”

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Here are some of the technologies that will be available from Audi and Verizon’s 5G data connection:


  • Passengers can download or stream entertainment far faster than ever before
  • Over-the-Air updates will keep vehicle firmware up to date without ever going to a dealership
  • HD/3D navigation mapping and cloud-based user profiles
  • Vehicle-to-X technology, in which Audis will be able to communicate better with infrastructure, such as traffic lights


“Audi drivers will be among the first in the world to experience a new generation of automobiles, one in which their car is both a 5G mobile device and a vehicle,” said Tami Erwin, CEO of Verizon Business. “We’re proud to bring our transformative 5G networking expertise in the world to a visionary partner like Audi, whose premium automotive engineering deserves second-to-none 5G technology to match.”

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Another huge benefit of 5G data connections will be cloud-based system learning for autonomous driving. Allow vehicles to submit live data from autonomous driving systems to a cloud-based network will allow all connected vehicles’ systems to improve in real time. It’s one of the main reasons automakers want to develop 5G connections. And Audi customers will be among the first to test such a technology, as it rolls out to select Audis starting in 2024.

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