Audi uses robots to move cars at Ingolstadt factory

Audi has initiated a pilot program to test robots in charge of moving cars at the Ingolstadt factory in Germany. It started last month when two robots were added to the assembly plant to independently transport cars from the production line to an interim storage area. Moreover, these robots can also sort the vehicles into position based on the shipping destination of each car to allow the logistics employees load them onto the railway wagons.

Moreover, Audi is also analyzing the prospects of introducing robots in other areas of application at its Ingolstadt factory. According to Dr. Hubert Waltl, Board of Management Member for Production at AUDI AG, “The autonomous transport of our automobiles could allow us to eliminate long walking distances for our employees and to improve the ergonomics of their work” and “Systems like this also have the potential to significantly increase the efficiency of our processes.”

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Ray robot at Ingolstadt factory
Ray robot at Ingolstadt factory

The idea emerged from Bavarian company Serva Transport Systems who developed the robots with the name “Ray” who is very flexible and freely movable. It boasts a six-meter long, three-meter wide frame which makes use of sensors in order to determine the car’s position as well as its dimensions. Once the calculations are made, the robot at the Ingolstadt factory carefully grips the car’s wheels and lifts it up to ten centimeters.

The software then allocates Ray with an empty slot where the car – which can be up to 5.3 meters long – can be transported in a fast and safe manner.

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