Audi USA posts best ever May sales results

Audi USA is on a roll as they were able to post the best ever May sales by delivering no less than 16,601 units. At the same time this results represents the company’s second best month ever and is also the 41 month in a row with record sales. The all-time monthly sales record was established in December 2013 when Audi USA delivered 17,013 cars.

So far this year, Audi USA has managed to sell 67,482 units, a result which represents an increase of 11.4 percent in comparison to the same period of 2013. One of the main reasons for these impressive results has to do with the A3 Sedan which went on sale in United States earlier this spring. Last month, the A3 Sedan was purchased by 2,261 clients while the A6, A7, A8 and Q7 models represented 46 percent of Audi’s year-to-date sales gain and these models make up 33.4 percent of all of the company’s sales in United States.

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These sales gains were also related to the success of Audi’s crossovers and SUVs as the Q5 posted a 13.5 percent increase with 3,836 units sold, while Q7 sales went up by 14.7 percent to 1,455 cars. Moreover, year-to-date Q5 sales rose by 7.3 percent while Q7’s YTD sales increased by a significant 30.9 percent.

Lastly, May was also the all-time best month for Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle sales as 4,162 CPO cars were sold last month, representing a 19.8 percent increase and a year-to-date increase of 15.2 percent.

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