Audi USA launches “ Driver ” ad for A3 Sedan

Audi USA has released a new commercial called “ Driver “ which features a black A3 Sedan equipped with the quattro all-wheel drive system. The Ingolstadt-based automaker says the model has what it takes to make “everyone rethink the rules of luxury” as it has the technology, design and appointments of much larger sedans without breaking the bank since prices start at $29,900 for the Premium trim equipped with a 1.8 TFSI engine.


The four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine delivers 170 bhp and 200 lb-ft of torque which is enough for a 0-60 mph run in 7.2 seconds and a 130 mph top speed. If you prefer diesels, there’s a 2.0 TDI (from $32,600) rated at 150 bhp and 236 lb-ft, granting the A3 Sedan with a 8.1s sprint and a 130 mph maximum speed while returning 31 mpg city / 43 mpg highway / 36 mpg combined.

A beefier 2.0 TFSI (from $33,200) is also on offer with 220 bhp and 258 lb-ft and in this case the A3 Sedan will do the sprint in 5.8 seconds and top out at 130 mph. This version comes equipped with a six-speed S tronic gearbox sending power to a quattro system while the other two have a front wheel drive layout.

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