Audi Urban Sphere Concept Set to Debut April 19

Audi is launching yet another “Sphere” concept, adding to its collection consisting of the Sky Sphere and Grand Sphere. So far, both Sphere concepts have been incredibly impressive showing off the future concepts of certainty types of vehicles, rather than specifics. Audi’s Sphere concepts are more broad strokes than anything else. However, they do offer visions of the future and the latest is going to be the Audi Urban Sphere concept, set to debut April 19.


Not much is known about the Audi Urban Sphere, except from what we can learn from the lone tease photo Audi provided. From what we can see, the Urban Sphere looks to be some sort of autonomous hatchback-shaped pod with an emphasis on relaxed interior design.

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You can see stylishly sculpted seats but no steering wheel, a hatchback shape, and some sleek looking interior ambient lighting. It also looks like it will have short overhangs and a small cargo area in back, maximizing passenger space. Considering it’s called the “Urban Sphere” we fully expect it to be some sort of autonomous commuter pod.

Save the date: the online world premiere of the Audi urbansphere concept


If so, that would make it similar to its Grand Sphere sibling, only less… grand. However, it wouldn’t be much like its Sky Sphere sibling, which is a stunning two-seat roadster with a variable wheelbase and — get this — a steering wheel.


Audi will unveil the new Urban Sphere concept next week, April 19. When it debuts, it will be the third and last Sphere concept from Audi, showing off the future of what the brand wants to be and some of the concepts (pardon the pun) Audi wants to implement in many of its cars in the coming years. Stay tuned next week to see what the Urban Sphere is all about and whether it’s something that excites you for the future of Audi.

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