Audi Urban Future Award 2014 starting in four cities

The Audi Urban Future Award 2014 was announced this week under a new motto entitled “The next leap in mobility.” The urban mobility problem will be up for debate and four teams of experts from four different cities are going to present their solutions to these issues. These projects come from Mexico City, Boston, Berlin and Seoul and each takes a different approach but all of them have the common goal of improving mobility in large cities from all over the world.

An important factor is played by the intelligent automobile which should allow the city’s residents to improve the quality of their lives. For this year’s award, the ideas about future mobility are being developed by natural scientists and ethnographers, mobility experts and urban planners, IT specialists and product designers who are being organized in interdisciplinary teams.

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According to Audi AG CEO Rupert Stadler, “the automobile is looking for and finding the city” which “means not only navigation but a symbiosis that is essential for all of us to live together.” The team from Berlin thesis is called “Individuality and collectivity are not mutually exclusive” while the one Boston developed has been entitled “The boundaries between mobility and immobility will be removed”. The Mexico City team has named its thesis “Sustainability and progress are not contradictory” whereas the Seoul-based team is calling its own thesis “Reality and virtuality will merge.”

The winning project will be selected this fall and the team will go home with 100,000 euros.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.